Why the Best Home Building Firms Invest in Case Equipment

Running a residential home building firm requires a number of moving pieces to ensure year-over-year growth. And at the heart of all operations you will find heavy equipment. From backhoe loaders to dozers, and from excavators to skid steers, the fleet manager is responsible for ensuring the construction firm has the right equipment, that’s it is properly maintained, and that purchasing and repairs are done as needed. So why do the fastest growing home building firms invest in Case equipment for construction machinery when there are other brands, some that are even more well known, to consider? This article will shed light on the answer. 

Case Equipment is Construction Machinery Proven to be a Pioneering Force

Home builders invest in Case equipment because the construction machinery brand is a known pioneer in engineering and innovation. Back in the mid 40s, a water utility in Massachusetts expressed the need for a single piece of construction machinery that could do fulfil the tasks of three machine. So Case equipment stepped up and invented the world’s first backhoe loader. Home builders and other industry professionals all ask the same question: why buy a backhoe loader from a brand that copied another brand’s design when you can buy a high-quality Case backhoe loader from the brand that invented it? Furthermore, home builders are known for turning to Case equipment to fulfill their entire fleet simply because the brand is known as being a powerful innovator steeped in high quality. 

Case Equipment is Conveniently Located Near Your Build Sites

Case dealerships are conveniently located all over the country and pride themselves on being close to their clients in order to expedite service, sales, obtaining parts and getting rentals. In fact, Sonsray Machinery is the largest distributor of Case equipment on the west coast with locations all over Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Home builders are drawn to Case equipment because the timeline is everything in their world. Many of their customers take out a type of bank load when the money is shelled out to the lender or directly to the builder in stages based on the project’s progress. So if an excavator or dozer needs repairs and a rental is required to stay on pace, there needs to be quick access to a service department and rentals. 

The Best Service in the Industry Comes with Case Equipment

Most construction equipment brands hire mechanics from a trade school that have been trained to repair various types of construction equipment. But Case equipment stands out in a big way” all of their technicians have been solely trained to work on Case machinery, and each earned the title Master Technician. In order to be a Case mechanic one must earn the Master Technicians title, and this requires grueling testing that involves a written exam, and a hands-on exam monitored by leading instructors. Home builders gain a sense of faith and security in Case because the techs are top class, and this means Case equipment rarely needs repairs so long as maintenance is regularly performed. But sometimes odd accidents happen: a drunk driver can hit your backhoe parked on the side of the street, road debris can get sucked up into the engine, and weather can cause needs for repair. Either way, Case Master Technicians will have you back on the road still on pace to complete your project.