Why Living in Baja California is an Excellent Choice

Baja California is one of the richest states in Mexico, and that’s not a surprise because there are many things that this state has: beaches, gastronomy, entertainment, a variety of climates, great culture and especially its proximity to the border. Also one of the best things about Baja is the low costs of housing, that’s what makes Baja California the best place to live because covers all of your needs. If you have all your life in the US but want a more quiet and cheap place to live you should start looking for a place in Baja to live.

Gastronomy in Baja

One of the treasures of Baja California and what makes it so recognized is its gastronomic wealth.


Some of the most emblematic dishes of the state are The Seafood Paella in Ensenada, the Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster, which gets its name from the region that created it and which is served with beans, rice and the famous flour tortillas made by hand.


The most exquisite meals of Baja California are those that include seafood, such as traditional fish tacos, seafood cocktails, ceviche, aguachile and more.

In Tecate, you can enjoy the best bread in the well known Bakery “El Buen Pan de Tecate”. In Mexicali, you can enjoy a delicious Chinese Food, which has around 120 establishments of this specialty.


In Tijuana, you can enjoy the delicious and original Caesar Salad, invented in this city, in the emblematic restaurant “Caesar’s” located in the Center of the city. And another thing that makes the city of Tijuana special is that it has become the craft beer capital of the country, so if you are a beer lover, living in Tijuana may be an excellent option for you.


Other of the gourmet creations of this state are the Clamato and the famous Margaritas.


Wine is another of the main attractions of this state because they are grown and prepared in a region near Ensenada which is an excellent place to visit, as well as knowing the process of making wine, you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes and you will have a variety of options to choose from to eat. All this in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada.


In addition to all this, the state offers a variety of festivals and gastronomic events where you can enjoy good food and also have a good time.


Entertainment and Leisure Time In Baja California


In Baja California, you will always find things to do. If you are a football soccer lover you can enjoy a soccer game of the team “Xoloitzcuintles of Tijuana” in the Estadio Caliente.  If you are a lover of betting games you can also go to the Caliente Casino where you can enjoy different entertainment. Or if your favorite sport is baseball you can also enjoy a game of the Toros de Tijuana at the Gasmart Stadium.


If you like Lucha Libre you can attend one of the many events that take place in the Auditorio Municipal Fausto Moreno Gutierrez en Tijuana.


If you are more of outdoor activities you can visit the different beaches that are in this state and some of them you can even camp. You can also visit emblematic places such as the Bufadora and The Puerto de Ensenada, The Sierra of San Pedro Martir where The Observatory is located, The Laguna Hanson, The Rumorosa on the way to Mexicali. The Fox Studios in Rosarito, The Jersey Park, the different parks located in the State. You can also enjoy the different family centers that have swimming pools for summer vacations.


If you are more of parties at night you can enjoy Papas&Beer in Ensenada, Plaza Fiesta and La Sexta in Tijuana and the different bars in the city of Ensenada, where you can also enjoy The Famous Carnaval of Ensenada in the month of February.


Other benefits of living in Baja California

The benefits of choosing the state of Baja California to live are too many. You will have a variety of climates, you can enjoy warmth during the summer and cold during the winter, which will give you the opportunity to do many activities.  In addition, another of the most important benefits for which people decide to live in this state is that a Baja California Realtor will offer a variety of houses and apartments that fit the needs of each person and all this for a great price. Because it is well known that the cost of a place to live in Baja California is cheaper than in the United States. The houses that you can get are really very nice and beautiful. You can also get a very good place to live even close to the beach at a very good cost. To get a quiet place in a good area, it is best to be advised by the best real estate agent you can get and in this way be very satisfied.