Why Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations Improve the Customer Experience and Increase Sales

More and more people rely on online shopping for a variety of reasons. It is more convenient, it’s easier to find what you are looking for, and you don’t have to deal with rude customer service or in-store inconveniences. However, there is still a large chunk of consumers that like to leave their homes and actually touch and view products before they make a purchase. This means your ability to offer the best customer experience is paramount to increasing your sales. 

It is important to know your customers, and build the guest experience around their pain points. In today’s day and age we are all so heavily reliant on our mobile devices, but not just for making and receiving calls: we use them to access information, and when it comes to shopping, the average consumer does a significant amount of research before making a purchasing decision: they will look for a better price online to see if the store will match it, they will try to learn more about how the product can present the best solution to their problem, and they read customer reviews and learn about product accessories. 

When you consider all of this, investing in custom cell phone charging stations for retail spaces can delight customers, keep them in the store for a longer time period, motivate them to shop the aisles, and even give them an incentive to buy.

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations Bring in New Customers

When people are out and their phone batteries are low, they will gravitate to any location that offers cell phone charging. So when you advertise that you have cell phone charging stations in your store, more people will come in to charge their devices, and more importantly, they will stay in your store and wait. People have a short attention span and get bored easily, and since we aren’t living in Europe, people aren’t walking around with a book in their bag. Americans are connected to their digital devices, so when they aren’t engaged on their phones, they will likely explore your products as a way to kill time. And with the influx of new shoppers will come an increase in sales. 

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations Market to Shoppers

Whether you get custom cell phone charging stations that are floor standing models, wall mounted versions, or work stations, your cell phone charging provider can use a custom platform to market your sale items, new products, upcoming products, offer coupons and discounts, and show adverts to people that let them know how the products can improve their lives. In this sense, custom cell phone charging stations don’t just provide an amazing customer experience by keeping their mobile devices fully juiced, they also help shoppers make more educated, informed purchasing decisions while improving your sales.