Loneliness in old age, how do we avoid it?

One of the biggest concerns in getting older is to keep active and in touch with our friends and family. The best place where older adults can socialize is surely in an elderly care in Tijuana Mexico with senior care.

Social isolation is a real problem during old age, but we can solve it with small gestures in favor of our elders. We give you some ideas to combat loneliness during the last stage of life.

Physical degeneration, a part of the problem
As the years go by, our body deteriorates. It is normal that during old age physical problems appear such as loss of vision and hearing deficiencies, osteoporosis or different pains and ailments. All this affects the elderly in their emotional state and ends up favoring their isolation.

In this aspect, prevention is something fundamental: stay healthy by doing physical activity regularly throughout our lives and eating a healthy and balanced diet is the best way to prevent chronic and debilitating diseases in the future.

On the other hand, encouraging our elders to continue caring, also in the third age, will bring benefits on a physical and emotional level. Going to a gym or a social center where they play sports a couple of times a week will not only help them stay active, but it is a great way to forge new friendships and broaden their social circle.

Depression in the elderly
Physical changes such as degenerative diseases, and social changes, such as retirement, can favor the appearance of depression in older people. The three aspects of our life (physical, emotional and social) affect each other, for good and for bad. The good part is that by influencing one of them we can change the other two.

Making our seniors feel useful by doing activities that are appropriate for their age and learning new things is a good way to prevent them from falling into depression. In addition, with this type of activities you will meet other people in your same situation with whom you can share talks and experiences.

The family is also a great point of support in this respect: visiting our elders, taking care of their well-being, involving them in the important moments of our lives and letting them see that they are not alone is very important during old age. The affection of the family is irreplaceable, and it gives us an opportunity to give back everything that has been given to us in a disinterested way.