6 Types Of Buyers

It will almost be a season of shopping, often improvised expenses and paying off certain debts, but ultimately is the time when more people make purchases, so it is always interesting to know what type of buyer is each.

Promotion search engine

They are those people who are continually hunting discounts and promotions, so they often go to stores to buy only those things that are in promotion. The mentality of this type of people is that there are always discounts and that it is a challenge for them to find the best. They are the right people for when a promotion is to be achieved. These types of buyers usually do not buy things if they are not discounted and are really experts at the time of wanting to buy something at the best price. These people are happy when there is a sales season as “El Buen Fin”.

The buyer who investigates

These are the people who, when they want to buy something, look for reviews or references to find out which product is the right one for them. They often use online reviews or magazines to get the best suggestions. They can be very impulsive and dedicated to finding the best product, so they can last for months looking for the best model. Based on this information, make a purchase. The problem with this type of buyer is that they are usually very hesitant, despite having done all the research.

Compulsive shopper

It is definitely one of the most common buyers and one that many brands bet on. These consumers are usually not aware of the expenses, so they waste money to get what they want. Most of the time, they make unnecessary purchases; that is, they buy things without needing them. There are different types of compulsive buyers; there are those who desire bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and travel purchases. For example, people who tend to be compulsive travel shoppers turn to the best of the best, expensive restaurants, expensive tours, and excellent accommodations such as a Rocky Point beach house Puerto Peñasco.

The businessman

Negotiating buyers are characterized because they are always looking for better prices, so for them, there is never a fixed price. They often look for or make use of strategies so that they can obtain products at better prices. Many people usually say that negotiating is a skill that few people have, and it is true. These individuals are always looking to get what they want, so they are very determined people. They usually do this act of negotiating in smaller stores.

The faithful buyer

It is the type of consumer who wants all brands because that will mean that these buyers will look exclusively for your brand or the same store, so they have a secure customer. Companies, to generate loyal consumers, often resort to strategies where this type of person stands out from those customers’ passengers. The loyal buyer can obtain memberships, bonuses, and exclusive discounts for this type of client. In spite of this, few are the best that are genuinely loyal since the extensive market opens different options of products and services.

The focused buyer

He is the one who only comes to the store to buy something specific; that is why it is known as focused because he knows perfectly what he wants. Although there may be many choices regarding merchandise, he already knows exactly what he wants, so his visit to the store is short.