3 Compelling Reasons Why Women’s Alpaca Sweaters are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

You love her; she means the world to you, and if you could give her the world, you would. But what is you could give her the world…kind of. Alpaca are one of the greenest, high-quality sustainable fibers in the world. You can give her the expected gift of flowers, chocolates, concert tickets and perhaps a silly stuffy bear toy OR you can give her the world in an unexpected way–you can shop for women’s alpaca sweaters and find the perfect one to say “I love you” that will keep her warm, looking stylish, and that carries the goodness of the world’s energy deep within its fibers. Here are three compelling reasons why women’s alpaca sweaters are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special lady in your life.

Women’s Alpaca Sweaters Appear on High Fashion Runways and are Here to Stay

Alpaca fibers used to stay in the shadows in favor of cashmere when it comes to the fashion runways of Paris, New York, London and Milan. But not any more! Designer labels like Dior, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Hugo Boss regularly use alpaca in their fall and winter lines, and some of these brands also include women’s alpaca sweaters. If high couture doesn’t fit into your budget for a Valentine’s Day gift, don’t worry; companies like Invisible World offer high-quality hand made alpaca sweaters from Peru that grant its wearer the same durability, softness, and you still get a stylish design at a fraction of the cost.

Alpacas are Greener than Green

Everything about the alpaca shows love to our planet. From the soft padded hooves of the mystical animal gently trodding the ground to their natural grazing habitual freedom, alpacas are allowed to engage with the planet as Mother Nature intended as part of the fiber farming process. This is worth noting because many other animals are forced to change their eating, grazing, and lifestyle habits to fit into the framework of farming, but the family farms in Peru ensure that an alpaca’s natural environment and routines are not tampered with. Also, no chemicals or machines are used to harvest alpaca fibers. Each animal is hand shorn and the fibers are hand-spun or spun on a traditional loom. This method keeps the local area contaminant free and really shows our earth some much needed love.

You Want Your Love to Last Forever, and Alpaca Sweaters do Just that!

You love your special lady and you want this love to reign strong until the day you die. Relationships take work, and if you and your partner are willing to take the time to care for and nurture your relationship, that love will last forever. Alpaca women’s sweaters are no different. If properly cared for, they will last the wearer her lifetime.

You will not want to wash your sweater more than two times a week. When you do this fill your sink or a tub with cold water and use a cap of baby shampoo or a fine fibers cleaning solutions. Never use standard detergents, especially chlorine bleach or even gentle Woolite because these are harsh on alpaca fibers and will damage them. Soak the alpaca sweater for three to five minutes, then gentle squeeze out the suds and repeat with clean water. Rinse and gently squeeze dry. Never hang the garment to dry or it can lose its shape. Inspead drape it on a towel rack away from sunlight or direct heat.

When storing your alpaca sweater in the closet never hang it like you would a jacket or t-shirt. Use a shirt box, clean paper bag or a clean pillow case to let the garment rest without gravity attacking it thus stretching it out, and in a manner that it can still breath by getting circulated air. Add some lavender pouches or traditional moth balls to keep the pests away. Follow these tips and your alpaca sweater will last a lifetime!

A Valentine’s Day Made Perfect with Women’s Alpaca Sweaters

Find an alpaca sweater for your woman that will compliment her eye color, hair, complexion, and style. Point out how these reasons lead you to selecting this gift, and explain how it serves as multiple metaphors for your love.